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The Project

ITALEXPERT is a project of Federmanager APDAI- Torino, and I.S.E.S. Italian Senior Expert Service which intend to match the demand of trained people coming from all the world with the availability of Italian experts and managers willing to work in other areas of the world.

The targets are:

  • to offer to experts and managers who are interested for various reasons to the worldwide markets the possibility to apply for new assignments in countries far from Italy
  • to answer to the requests coming from Far East, Central and East Europe, Middle East and Central and South America which are constantly growing end requiring scientific, technological and managerial support for their development programs.

The Italian management has shown to be one of the best in the world since through the last 50 years has brought the Italian economy among the largest ones in the developed countries. As a matter of fact thanks to the continuous training, from the university to the international experiences, the country has developed more than 100.000 well prepared, aggressive managers ready to contribute to the development of the industrial segments allover in the world.

At this very moment though, due the globalization as well as the production relocation in different areas outside of Europe where labor cost is very competitive and the availability of man power is very large many of them are free to move in these countries where on the contrary there is a lack of trained managers.

These countries are constantly looking for people with experience and know how and in this situation Italexpert intend to offer this expertise developing the contacts between the industries around the world and the Italian managers interested to medium and long term reworded missions.

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