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ISESISES - Italian Senior Expert Service, set up in 1993, is the association- with more then 1000 senior voluntaries- which offer technical and managerial support to Industries, Institutions, Public Administrations of growing countries in many different fields; during its 18 years of activity I.S.E.S. has successfully completed about 500 missions around the world.
Each year I.S.E.S. gets new experts from those ones who retired according to the Italian pension system In the last three years the experience of I.S.E.S. partners has been offered to young graduated fellows who go with the senior experts in their mission abroad.

Sede  ed Amministrazione: Via Vela 23 - 10128  Torino (Italy)
Tel. +39.011.5718443- Fax +39.011.5718458

Ufficio Operativo: Via Giolitti 21 - 10123  Torino (Italy)
Tel. +39.011.8138752– Fax +39.011.8138771 
Codice Fiscale 97547350013

Federmanager Torino ApdaiFedermanager Torino Apdai - established in 1945, represents and supports the Italian managers in their discussions with the industries association and directly with the industries managements. Moreover  does develop promotion actions on the role of  the managers at political level.
It is a very active association which offers to its members all the tools and the know how to face any problem or change in the professional career.  

Sede di Torino: Via S. Francesco da Paola 20 - 10123 Torino (Italy)
Tel.  +39.011.5625588 - Fax +39.011.5625703


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